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  2. inches, 6 x /8 inches 9. x (17 Finish Painted with Wheel black Triton Fuel 1 Offset) mm
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Fuel Triton black Wheel with Painted Finish (17 x 9. inches /8 x 6 inches, 1 mm Offset)

Off Road Wheels offer a wide range of world class wheels, they have the latest off road wheel designs for off-roaders who wish to add style and elegance to their trucks. wheels are crafted by professional wheel designers who have extensive experience in the wheel industry. They are also made of high-quality materials that are highly resistant to corrosion and endure harsh driving conditions. is a leader in the wheel industry. Set your truck apart from the rest with these top-of-the-line Deep Lip wheels designed to combine exceptional style and durability. With huge negative offsets and relatively large rim width, they'll make your rig look bold and ready to conquer the toughest trails. Extremely lightweight, these wheels are the perfect way to improve your whole travel experience. They'll enhance overall drivability, handling and acceleration. What's more, these wheels offer excellent heat dissipation and as a result prolong brake life in high-performance conditions. Deep Lip wheels are available in a variety of finishes and spoke patterns, so you are sure to find the one that will ideally complement your vehicle.

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inches, 6 x /8 inches 9. x (17 Finish Painted with Wheel black Triton Fuel 1 Offset) mm Truck & SUV

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