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MPI MPI-GT-13-A 13in 6-Bolt LW AluminumWheel D-Shaped Suede

steering wheels are bred in racing with a passion for performance and safety by legendary racer Max Papis. Max and his wife, Tatiana Fittipaldi Papis, founded to take every aspect of construction and safety to heart, in the most accurate and dedicated way possible. Before becoming an product, wheel structures are required to pass rigorous internal quality control tests. Amongst these tests, a torque structural steering wheel test and a loaded stress test simulates the driver's hands on the wheel during a severe impact. Steering wheel technology, comfort, R&D, and racer safety is evident in products which is why wheels are preferred at the top levels of racing today.

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13in MPI-GT-13-A MPI 6-Bolt Suede D-Shaped AluminumWheel LW Steering Wheels

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