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Opto 22 SNAP-PAC-RCK12 - SNAP PAC 12-Module Mounting Rack

The SNAP-PAC-RCK mounts one SNAP PAC brain or on-the-rack controller and up to analog, digital, and serial SNAP I/O modules. Together, the rack, I/O, and processor form an I/O unit that provides distributed control in a SNAP PAC System. This I/O unit can also be used for PC-based control or as intelligent remote I/O for an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix, ControlLogix, or CompactLogix PLC system. This rack works with all SNAP I/O modules on the website. Modules can be mixed on the rack and placed in any position. Note that some serial modules are limited to a maximum of eight on one rack.

Underwriters Laboratory, IEC 90: 99-09, 9/336/EEC, 00/9/EC, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

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PAC SNAP - SNAP-PAC-RCK12 22 Opto 12-Module Rack Mounting IO Modules

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